How to Instantly De-Stink Your Dog with Coat Defense

December 01, 2022 1 min read

This holiday season, make your dog a welcome party guest instead of a nose-wrinkling problem!

How to Instantly De-Stink Your Dog

1. Sprinkle Coat Defense powder

Sprinkle the powder all over your dog.

2. Rub the powder into his coat

Rub it in there nice and good

3. That's it! Give him a whiff!

Voila - odor is gone! If any areas are still smelly just sprinkle and rub some more powder into his coat and skin. Coat Defense is safe to use from tip to tail!

Works great for all sorts of stinky things besides dogs! Shoes... teenagers...

One of our customers said she uses the powder in the night to sprinkle over her sleeping, stinky teen. It's the Coat Defense Fairy!

  • Dry & Clean

  • Smells great - No wet dog odor!

  • Relieves & protects itchy skin

  • Supports your dog's immune system

Coat Defense Daily Preventative Powder supports your dog's skin's immune system and natural ability to heal. How? By forming a barrier against irritants without stripping or harming the skin's natural protective oils and micro-biomes. Your furniture will thank you for a clean, odor-free dog, and your dog will thank you for his healthy, itch-free skin!

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Rachel Dory
Rachel Dory

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