New Year's Resolutions - From Horses & Dogs!

January 13, 2022 4 min read

Horses and Dogs Make New Year's Resolutions, Too!

The holidays are over and 2022 is underway! Many of us humans have made our New Year's resolutions, here are a few from our equine and canine friends!

Quinton and Champ's Resolution:
More Mud Rolling!

Quinton the OTTB and Champ the golden retriever both live with their human Ashley. These two friends are aligned in their resolutions this year: Mud rolling!

"I didn't roll in the mud nearly enough last year," Quinton told us. "Not even close. I really want to be better about that in 2022! I especially want to make sure I roll and get really muddy right before I have riding lessons with my human Ashley. She loves it when I do that, I can tell because she makes lots of noise when she's grooming mud off of me!"

"Yeah, totally!" chimed in Champ. "Ashley does love to clean mud! She stomps around all excited and her voice gets loud when you get muddy before lessons! And she says my name over and over and calls me silly boy when she's cleaning me up, so I think her year will be much better if I roll in puddles more. I want to show her that I love her by getting super muddy, and it also makes me happy when Ashley puts Coat Defense powder on me to clean me up, it helps my itchy skin feel really good!"

When we asked Ashley what she thought about Quinton and Champ's resolutions, she shook her head fondly and said "Well I guess I'll need extra Coat Defense this year! That's my favorite way to clean them up fast, it's so easy."

Good luck, Quinton and Champ! We hope it rains plenty for you in 2022!

Dodger and Bongo's Resolution:
More Trail Rides!

Dodger and Bongo live with their human, Reagan. For 2022, they share the same resolution - more trail rides!

"Last year I missed out on a ton of trail riding because of mud fever scratches on my legs," Dodger told us. "Last rainy season my fetlocks got super scabby, they really hurt and I stocked up! My human Reagan told me that this year she will be putting Coat Defense paste on my legs to protect them during my daily turn out time. So, my resolution is to stand real still when she puts on my paste. Because then I won't get mud fever scratches, and we can go trail riding every day! I love trail riding so much!"

"Me too, I love running next to you guys on the trails!" said Bongo. "But when my paws get sore in between my toes, it hurts to run. That Coat Defense powder that Reagan puts on my paws really helps keep my sensitive toes happy. I'm going to roll over on my back and put my paws in the air a lot more this year to remind her to do that!"

Good one, Dodger and Bongo! We know you'll see lots of trails this spring!

Rainbow's Resolution:
No More Tail Rubbing!

"Last year in 2021 my tail looked terrible, it was so itchy!" the very talkative pony Rainbow lamented when we asked about her New Year's resolution for the coming year.

"I would rub and rub and rub my tail on the fence and the door of my stall, but that never helped. My tail is usually gorgeous. See that picture?! I'm so beautiful. I should be famous, to be honest. But last year was terrible! My tail had hardly any hair left on the top by Christmas time! It was the worst Christmas ever!"

When she finished wiping away her tears, we asked Rainbow what she resolved to do differently in 2022. She replied "So, yes. For 2022 I totally have a plan to get my tail back. My girl, Cindy, well she kept telling her mom to help me, all last summer when the itching started. She totally has my back. And her mom was like, okay, let's do something! And she was looking and looking and they tried a lot of things, including medicine from the vet. Which didn't work, like, AT ALL. I can't even tell you how bad this itching was. It was literally the worst. So, anyway, finally Cindy's mom found this stuff called Coat Defense and it came in the mail, and Cindy sprinkled it on my dock and it made my tail stop itching right away! It was so, so, so awesome. And my hair is already starting to grow back, after just a few days!"

We asked Rainbow, for the third time, about her New Year's Resoluton. "Oh right, my resolution! So, here it is!" she said. "My resolution in 2022 is to get my girl Cindy to keep sprinkling that Coat Defense powder on me every day so my tail will be thick and full again, fast! And then I'll get super famous on TikTok. That's my second resolution, after the first one. Because the first one has to come first for the second one to work. I think Cindy will do a good job, she really loves me. But if she forgets, my plan is to neigh really loud, and nod my head up and down and then turn around and swish my tail at her, so she remembers to powder me up!"

Go, Rainbow! Great plan. We can't wait to see your floofy tail pics in a few weeks after using Coat Defense powder!

What are your horse's and dog's New Year's Resolutions? Email them to!

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