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Coat Defense owes the equine community a huge thanks for putting our company on the map. We will always have a soft spot in our hearts for the people who believed in us enough to put their good names on the line. Here are a few of those gracious people.

Mackenna Shea

"I love that the Coat Defense powder is completely all-natural! I never have to be concerned about any harmful or irritating effects that a chemical-based anti-fungal treatment might have, and my horses have never looked better or had fewer skin issues."

Allison Springer

I’ve tried quite a few different anti-fungal products over the years, and nothing has worked like Coat Defense does to protect against coat problems like rain rot. It’s made of natural ingredients, so it doesn’t irritate your horse's skin at all, and after applying this regularly, it’s like the fungus was never there!”

Heather Morris

“Coat Defense is incredibly versatile. Whether I’m treating a case of scratches or even just using it as a dry shampoo after riding, it starts working immediately to get rid of existing issues and protects their coats from any sort of fungal infections. This is a must-have skin care and grooming product for any barn.”


"I’ve been using this on all of my horses, and I could not say enough great things about it. I just brush on some Coat Defense powder after a ride, and it keeps them from developing any fungal infections and helps their coats stay clean, healthy, and show-ready!”

John Michael and Kimmy Durr, Durr Eventing and Show Jumping:

"We were impressed with how quickly and effectively these products work to eliminate fungus, odor, and any other coat issues. With a large string of competition and sale horses that need to stay in top shape, keeping our horses healthy from head to toe is our number one priority, and Coat Defense is an important part of the daily horse care routine in our barn.”

Bobby and Danica Meyerhoff, Meyerhoff Show Horses:

"This product is amazing! We’ve used both the powder and paste on a few different skin problems so far in our barn, and every time, we’ve seen a huge difference after only a few days of use. We’d recommend Coat Defense to any of our clients to protect against fungus and keep your horse’s coat clean!”

Ashley Trier

“Absolutely phenomenal products that get rid of fungus extremely effectively. The best part is that these products are non-toxic natural products which are safe for both horses and humans. ATE horses have been battling some fungus and these products worked so effectively that the fungus went away within a few days after applying Coat Defense.”

Victoria Miller

Coat Defense is a product that I absolutely tell everyone about. It's proven to work on my thoroughbreds skin issues and not cause more irritation. As funny as it might sound, it works on my equipment also. I use it as an odor eliminator in my helmet and under my horses blankets. I also use it to prevent rubbing from his galloping boots and put the powder inside my tall boots to reduce sweating. The thing I'm the most impressed with would be the paste. It literally got rid of Magics scratches overnight. (No exaggeration!) Coat Defense does everything they say, and more!

Sharon White

No matter how well you care for your horses, skin funk can show up and just not go away. We treated this case of scratches for a month to no avail - until we tried Coat Defense. In just a week we noticed a huge difference! The best part is, it's made locally (in Leesburg, VA - right by Morven Park) and is totally all natural. Check it out and see for yourself how fast it works!

Marguerite Happy

“Now, on a daily basis when we unsaddle after riding each of our horses; we shake some Coat Defense on their wet spots and rub it in. They roll with Coat Defense on their wet spots and then we either brush them off or wash them off and I am happy to report we have not seen anymore sore backs caused by fungus....happy horses; happy owners; no time off due to fungus!

True personal testimony to this product has moved me to order 60 bottles of Coat Defense to be given in each 2016 Year End Division Goody Bags”.