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I bought Coat Defense for My Dog... And It Also Works For ______________!!!

February 01, 2023 4 min read

I Bought Coat Defense for My Dog, And It Also Works For __________________!!!

From stinky shoes to poison ivy... even we were surprised by some of the unique and creative ways our customers use Coat Defense Powder!

Coat Defense dog powder is 100% Natural and safe to use on dogs, puppies and... yes... YOU!

Check out all these great uses below from actual customers.


From Tonya:
"Hot Spots" - On Myself!

I decided to experiment, and put Coat Defense on my 'hot spots', wherever I had a break out like my chest, shoulders, and hairline. Oh wow! It dried up existing spots and stopped the itch instantly!! ~Tonya Payne

From Erin:
Combats Post-Hay-Handling Arm Itchies!

Love this for my horses and ME! I use this on everything. I use on my horses for scratches, rain rot, general drying. It pretty much cured my dog’s allergies! I use the shampoo and powder, too, LOL! I have a sensitive scalp and it feels great and doesn’t dry out my scalp or hair. Also, the powder is a good at deodorizing and for general itchiness. After I’ve been playing in the hay I use it on my arms to combat itchiness. So 5 stars!!!  ~ Erin Maguire

From Annie:
Used On Tinia Versicolor - Worked Better Than Anything Else!

I even used on myself for Tinea Versicolor (skin discoloration patches and itch caused by fungus) and it works better than anything else I tried! ~Annie Palmer

From Shannon:
Magical Midnight Dusting Of Funky Teen!

Wow oh wow. I sprinkle this on my teenage son while he’s sleeping and the funk hormones just magically disappear. - Shannon Warner

From Mindy:
Dries My Boots And Warms My Feet!

I use it in my much boots to wick away moisture and it makes my feet feel warmer. No more worries of baths in the winter. A sprinkle of the powder and BAM …clean, fresh horses! ~Mindy Tweedie

From Madeline:
Sister Was Losing Sleep With Poison Ivy - Not Anymore!

Back again with another amazing experience using COAT DEFENSE, this time for my sister! She struggles throughout the summer with poison ivy and the most recent bout was interfering with her sleep. Not anymore! ~Madeline Iacobucci

From Cathy:
A Wonderful Carpet Deodorizer!

I got this product to use on my horse and I ended up using it on my dogs. I ended up using it on my carpet as deodorizer; my outdoor deck carpet and my indoor carpet. It’s wonderful and smells great and I couldn’t have made a wiser choice!” ~Cathy Derick

From Merry:
Athletic Shoes Now Smelling Fresh!

I have an itchy dog, Trent. I just started using the powder on his feet, belly and armpits and you can tell the itching is relieved on contact. He is more relaxed and the incessant chewing and licking is curbed. I also use it in my athletic shoes and his bed to keep them smelling fresh! ~Merry Krueger

From Tracey:
Post-Surgery Heat Rash - Healed!

So I have to say after researching this product and buying for my horses. Not only does it work for them but I had a horrible heat rash on my lower back after sitting and being hot after surgery and I used this product and it healed it! ~Tracey Pedersen

From Sarah:
Dog Got Into Duck Guts... And It Knocked Out the Smell!

This is awesome! I ordered for horses as recommended. Our dog got into duck guts and it knocked the smell out immediately!!! I lifesaver for country dogs who love dead stuff!!! Sarah Sabatinni

From Pam:
Fabulous Dry Shampoo!

I love this for my dogs if they smell or get itchy. Nice subtle aroma. I recently used on myself for a dry shampoo…Fabulous! - Pam Birkley      

From Megan:
Inside Helmet & Boots!

I am so happy with the results! Secret had sweet itch for years and it cured it in three applications! I dust in her blankets and inside her fly wraps and inside my helmet and boots, too! ~Megan Race

From Linda:
No More Ugly Heat Friction Rashes On Legs!

When I thought to sprinkle generously into my knee socks before riding it completely eliminated the ugly heat/friction rashes that always flared up on my calves after a long ride. I had tried everything to no avail so I am thrilled! – Linda Matlock

From Marilyn:
Fresh Sneakers With a Sprinkle!

I use on my shih tzu and her itching is gone and I sprinkle on my lab to keep him smelling fresh. Just recently sprinkled in my sneakers and wow did it freshen them! So many good uses for this product!! - Marilyn Shauffrey

Son Had Mysterious Red, Bubbly Skin For 2 Years - Gone After 3 Days of Powder!

LOL can’t believe that thing my son had on his leg…red, bubbly skin for 2 years. Third day on his leg and it looks amazing. Nothing else worked. That powder takes away funk smell on my dog with allergies. Thank you for a decent smelling shampoo. Impossible to find. Most shampoos reek of nasty smells. Thank you, no lavender smell! Praise God! No Rosemary smell! Praise God!

What other uses have YOU found for Coat Defense? Drop us a line and let us know!


Sold out

Sold out
Rachel Dory
Rachel Dory

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I bought Coat Defense for My Horse... And It Also Works For ______________!!!
I bought Coat Defense for My Horse... And It Also Works For ______________!!!

February 01, 2023 4 min read

Coat Defense horse powder is 100% Natural and safe to use on horses, dogs and... yes... YOU!