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Uses & Results

Coat Defense Powder & Paste can be used for a variety of reasons from cleaning, to allergy relief, to wound care. See the customer stories below. If you have a similar story, we'd love to hear about it!

Pets:Dry Shampoo, Allergies & Itchy Skin, Wounds, etc.

Horse/Farm:Rain Rot, Mud Fever, Bug Bites, Sweet Itch, Summer Sores, Proud Flesh, Wounds, etc.

“After months of Steroids, Meds, and everything my vet could think of; the powder for a week was all we needed! Thank You Coat Defense!“


"Oscar suffered from inflamed, red itchy hot spots. After 2 weeks of using the powder, the inflammation went down, the redness disappeared and they stopped itching!"


“We LOVE it!! It cleared up Gidget’s rain rot super fast! We’ve been using the powder as a preventative on Gidget’s back after rides and it has really kept the rain rot at bay. So it’s worth the purchase!”


No matter how well you care for your horses, skin funk can show up and just not go away. We treated this to no avail - until we tried COAT DEFENSE. In just a week we noticed a huge difference! The best part is, it’s all-natural. Check it out and see for yourself how fast it works!


"Why I love and stand by Coat Defense ! I will forever use these products because they literally work instantly on my dog who has crazy allergies! Don’t need to say much I think these pictures speak enough for it! Hives/rash to nothing with hair grown back in just a few weeks!"


“For 8 years this dog had chronic skin issues. After 2 weeks of using COAT DEFENSE® paste and powder, the scabs are completely gone!”


"COAT DEFENSE® gave him immediate relief and reduced swelling and inflammation in a day. I highly recommend it!"


"Leo had a tumor removed, and the wound just wouldn’t heal. After applying COAT DEFENSE® paste for a week, it completely healed. I now use the powder regularly and his coat looks and smells terrific!"


“I’m so impressed with how quickly Missy's hair grew back. It stopped the constant scratching from her terrible seasonal bout with sweet itch, and the spots that were rubbed raw healed so fast!”

~Kathy Schwartz, OH

"I can not thank COAT DEFENSE® enough for their immediate response to my desperate seek for help! This could not have happened at a worse time! Rain, nasty mud and fear of a staph in stagnant water and unmucked stalls. I continued to clean and wrap and apply antibiotic ointment until I was overwhelmed with proud flesh, but in fear of exposing to the nasty elements at hand. COAT DEFENSE® rescued my horse! I’m so grateful. Within a day or two samples arrived at my home. I applied everyday or every other day to the affected areas and washed the wound with water and betadine as necessary. The results are excellent as you can see!!!! THANK YOU!"


"Your product is amazing! It healed this nasty wound and is currently shrinking where there might not be a major scar! Thank you!!"