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How to Dry Your Damp Dog in Cold Weather, FAST!

December 01, 2022 1 min read

Prevent your dog from getting chilled, and protect your home from wet dog stink! Coat Defense powder quickly and easily dries fur. With a few easy steps, your damp dog will be dry, clean and smelling lovely!

How to Dry Your Damp Dog, Fast!

This process is best done outside or in an area that is easy to sweep up.

1. Sprinkle Coat Defense powder

Towel off excess moisture, then sprinkle the powder liberally onto any damp spots on your dog's coat

2. Rub the powder into his coat

Rub it in well, so the powder can bind with the moisture.

3. Brush out or towel off the powder

Use a brush, towel or rag to remove the powder from your dog's coat.

4. There you have it! A clean, dry, sweet smelling pup.

Voila - wetness, dirt and odor are gone! If any areas are still damp just repeat the process. Coat Defense is safe to use from tip to tail!

How to Dry (& De-Stink!) A Damp Dog


Coat Defense
Coat Defense

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