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Trouble Spot Drying Paste - Canine and Cat - 5oz

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“My dog had a sore on his lower neck and the paste was the only thing that healed it! We tried everything for 4 months hoping it would help or heal it but nothing worked except the paste.” ~Andrea Kolbus


COAT DEFENSE® Canine & Cats TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE is a spot treatment for broken skin. It creates a dry protective scab-like barrier that continuously draws, dries, stops itch, and calms skin from traumas like wounds, oozing bug bites, and weeping hot spots allowing for the immune system to quickly repair.

It is non-toxic if licked and can be reapplied as needed. Please use a cone until dry if necessary.

Many pets find relief within 1-3 days. For those on anti-biotics and/or steroids, or have otherwise been immune compromised, results and healing may take 1-2 weeks.

NOTICE:  For best results, discontinue use of shampoos containing SODIUM LAUREL SULFATE, CHLORAHEXIDINE, COAL TAR, and SALYCILIC ACID. If using medicated shampoos with these ingredients, we recommend waiting 3 days to apply our paste.  These chemicals are known skin allergens and remove the protective oils and microbiome that are essential for skin wellness and required by the immune system to provide true healing.

  • Broken Skin
  • Wounds
  • Weeping hot spots
  • Oozing itchy bug bites
  • Humans love it too for bites, stings, poison ivy, acne, splinters, etc.!
  • Gently clean any dirt or debris from treatment area. Flaky skin or scabs are ok. DO NOT pick off any existing scabs.
  • With one hand, gently push back fur so that the area is exposed. With the other hand, use fingers to apply a coating of the paste to the hotspot as if spreading peanut butter on a piece of bread. Do not rub in. 
  • Note: Try to avoid applying paste to fur. The paste is not harmful, though it will dry like a scab and require bathing or brushing to remove.
  • Paste will dry to a near white shell. It is also effective if thinned out with water or witch hazel. Some breeds have coats that need a thinner viscosity to stick to skin.
  • Avoid applying the paste into paws, on joints or in skin folds. The scab that forms is abrasive.
  • Allow at least 2 days for skin cells to knit together under its protection. Use a wet cloth or water to remove.
  • Reapply as needed until skin is completely healed.
  • Use COAT DEFENSE® Canine & Cats daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER to prevent future flare-ups. It’s a game changer for prevention!

Proprietary blend of sodium bicarbonate, maranta arundinacea (arrowroot) powder, bentonite clay, zea mays (corn starch), witch hazel, argan oil, organic cedrus atlantica oil (cedarwood oil).

Our products are non-toxic, crafted from only safe, readable ingredients, and contain no fillers. COAT DEFENSE® is proudly handmade in Ashburn, VA.

FREE Shipping at $48 & All Bundles!

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    Wendy M.
    United States United States
    Excellent product

    I use this paste on my greyhound with allergies on her toes and back of feet! I have to thin it out a little but it’s an awesome product! Helps to soothe the redness and I use it on my bug bites too!

    The Best!

    My sister used this on a rescue horse for rain rot, and she suggested we use on our **** Hound. He had sores all over his back, and his fur was falling out. Nothing was helping him. After using the paste, we saw hair regrowth and dramatic improvement after two weeks. It has been two months of use with the paste and the dry shampoo, and he doesn't itch, smell, or have scabs! He has one spot on his neck, that is hard to get because of location, but that is improving as well! I would recommend this to any pet!

    Caroine S.
    Very happy

    I am so appreciative that I finally found something that is saving my dog This works amazing and I am trying to rid my dog of his yeast problems which is affecting his skin Spent a lot of money on products that didn`t work Thank you and at a reasonsable price

    Rebecca T.
    You saved Annie!!!

    My dog, Annie, had a tumor for 2 months that was the size of a half dollar. I put the clay on over night... every other night for about 7 days. It opened it up and oozed and completely drained it...I kept it covered and smothered in the's GONE!!! Vet would've wanted to biopsy... cut it out ,give her drugs and thousands of dollars later I'd still have this tumor and lots of side effects. THANK YOU and Annie does, too!!!

    South Carolina, USA
    Healing paste

    Our dashchound had a lump removed, and I used the paste on stitches. It was helpful and she didn't have to wear that post surgery collar as long!