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CD Clean Magic Paste

FREE Shipping at $48 & All Bundles!

So I just want to let you know your Paste works for poison ivy on humans. I've been slathering cortisone and calamine lotion on a patch on my arm (that's what I get for gardening) for the last 5 days. Then I thought of the Paste…. Took away the itchiness immediately!

How does CD CLEAN MAGIC PASTE help human skin? When our skin has an immune response due to poison ivy, bug bites/stings, or any other inflammatory inducing incident, it can itch and burn, sometimes causing pain.

CD CLEAN MAGIC PASTE works by drawing out the toxins that are irritating the skin and causing this reaction. The witch hazel provides a cooling sensation that relieves the area quickly, allowing us to feel better as the paste gets to work tampering the inflammation!

  • Speeds healing on insect bites, scratches and wounds
  • Relieves itch caused by insect bites, inflammation and cellulitis
  • Acts as a poultice on inflammation drawing toxins from skin
  • Deep Cleans Pores
  • Quickly mature acne inflammation and allow skin to heal quickly
  • Using fingertips, scoop paste from container, and spread thickly over treatment area. Spread as if covering bread with peanut butter. Do not rub in.
  • Let paste dry to a near white shell and leave on for an hour, or overnight
  • Reapply as necessary until skin is fully healed
  • To remove, please wet first. Paste becomes abrasive when it is dry

Proprietary blend of:

  • sodium bicarbonate
  • arrowroot powder
  • bentonite clay
  • non-gmo corn starch
  • witch hazel
  • argan oil
  • eucalyptus oil

Our products are non-toxic, crafted from only safe, readable ingredients, and contain no fillers. COAT DEFENSE® is proudly handmade in Ashburn, VA.

FREE Shipping at $48 & All Bundles!