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Canine & Cat Bundle

FREE Shipping at $48 & All Bundles!

“Couldn’t wait!!! As soon as I got…I put it on immediately on my dog. I could see the difference in his demeanor and the calmness.   He passed out as soon as I was done, finally got some ease to fall asleep, I almost shed a tear to see him get a break from all that itching.” ~Richie Demandez Davis


The perfect package for our companions! The Canine and Cat Bundle includes two of our 6 oz. COAT DEFENSE® canine and cat daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER, and one of our 5 oz. COAT DEFENSE® canine TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE. Perfect to use between baths to keep them smelling fresh, stop itching on contact, and treat hotspots!

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We replaced the peppermint oil in our original powder formula with organic Cedarwood Oil to make something better for you and your pet. It produces the same, powerful results as our old formula, with the added benefit of a natural flea and tick repellent for both dogs and cats.

The Powder: Does your pet suffer from rashes? Or get weeping, red hotspots? Do they itch and scratch constantly from yeast buildup? Do they have chronic bacterial or fungal skin infections? Do they get stinky between baths? Want to freshen their beds? COAT DEFENSE®canine and cat daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER is an obvious choice for these issues.

The Paste: Has your dog scratched their skin so much they bleed or get scabs? Does your dog constantly bite at sticky, open hotspots? Or have they ever been scraped or wounded?

Our paste can be used to create a protective barrier on pets who have broken skin or open wounds. It relieves itching while continually drawing out toxins and moisture, allowing the skin cells to mend. It is non-toxic if licked, and can safely be reapplied as needed.

For rashes, hotspots, and yeast, use the powder as needed to relieve itch and reduce odor. The powder also works well for deodorizing pet beds.

For wounds or areas where the skin has been scratched open, spread the paste on the area to create a protective barrier. This acts as a scab allowing the skin to heal underneath. Reapply as needed.

Notice: Many pets find relief within 1-3 days. For those on anti-biotics and or steroids, or have otherwise been immune compromised, results and healing may take 1-2 weeks. For best results, discontinue use of shampoos containing SODIUM LAUREL SULFATE, CHLORAHEXIDINE, COAL TAR, and SALICYLIC ACID. If using medicated shampoos with the above skin allergens, we recommend waiting 3 days to apply our products. 

Powder: Proprietary blend of Sodium Bicarbonate, maranta arundina-cea (arrowroot) powder, bentonite clay, zea mays (corn starch), organic cedarwood oil

Paste: Proprietary blend of Sodium Bicarbonate, maranta arundina-cea (arrowroot) powder, bentonite clay, zea mays (corn starch), argan oil, hempseed oil, organic cedrus atlantica (cedarwood) oil

Our products are non-toxic, crafted from only safe, readable ingredients, and contain no fillers. COAT DEFENSE® is proudly handmade in Ashburn, VA.

FREE Shipping at $48 & All Bundles!

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    arlena l.
    United States United States
    Best in Show

    I have been using Coat Defense for over a year. My Great Dane Tux looks "bathtime" and no more itching. The paste works well on bug bites on my cat's ears- heals nicely. I love this product.

    North Carolina, USA
    It's okay so far

    Seems okay, I'm using the powder daily and am waiting on a miracle.

    Vicki B.
    Illinois, USA
    My dog is softer and smells better

    My dogs hair is softer and smells great but not doing much for her allergies.

    Korey T.
    New York, USA
    Great on pets and people

    This product works great on pets and people!

    Lisa G.
    Minnesota, USA
    Does help with itching

    This product does help with itching due to seasonal allergies, but it is very messy to apply, particularly to paws.