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Reviews (manual)

See What People Are Saying About Coat Defense

Wow I’m so glad I tried your products. My dog hasn’t smiled in months. He’s acting like himself again 10 minutes after 1 application!  

-Nicole Hess

This stuff works! Eli had a bad reaction to the groomers flea shampoo. Bad skin irritation. The vet helped but it wouldn’t go away. I gambled and bought this. So glad I did! In a couple days he was scratching less and in a few more his skin was totally healed! He liked the relief so much that when he was itching he would come and sit and stare at me until I put it on him! And then he’d do a happy dance and sleep!

-Mark Lynn

I tell ya, I got this, the powder and paste. I have not used the powder yet, but if it’s anything like the paste, get it. My dog had inflammation between the toes. I ordered, used it and no lie, my dog gave me his paw to put it on. It is totally cleared up! Great Company and great product!

-Kate Paulk

This is a miracle. I have an outside golden who loves to come inside and he smells awful. Sprinkled this stuff on and not anymore.

-Cindy Erickson

“Can’t believe how much it helped with his tail; usually end up using a detangler and leaves everything sticky and gross…super impressed so far!”

-Restwood Ranch 

Was the only thing that helped with his constant scratching and biting himself bloody.

-Marilyn Aranzubia

“This stuff is the bees knees, works wonders, we use it on our rescues.”

-Vickie Ambrosch

“Your products are seriously amazing! From Rainrot to Scratches your products have fixed everything! Thank you for making such an incredible product”


Got mine a week ago. Rash on side of my dog’s back leg is gone; excellent product…I will be getting more.

-Scott Abbott

“Hi! I have a horse who got mud fever awhile back and it was such a struggle to figure out how to get rid of it. I have used the Trouble Spot Drying Paste on him 3 times and he is just about over his mud fever! My other horse got a bad cut under his jaw and after 2 days it is almost completely gone!”

-Instagram Follower

“All of my students were so excited to try the powder and were ecstatic when their sweaty horses dried in no time! We have a lot of mares in our program and using the powder when grooming was amazing to get rid of the mare urine smell!”

-Elise Hagenow

“I would like to inform everyone that COAT DEFENSE is absolutely amazing. I use it on my own horse and it has proven itself many times. This makes winter with horses so much easier!”

-Behind the Bit

“Always want to have some on hand. We LOVE COAT DEFENSE because it is natural and effective…also if you need to get a dirty spot off of a pretty Palomino it works for that, too, lol!”

-JeanMarie Coppola