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Whether you're using COAT DEFENSE® on horses, dogs, cows, goats, alpacas or any other furry creatures, application is simple! Follow our steps below for the best results.

Step 1.

1. Gently shake or pour COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER directly onto desired area. Since a little bit goes a long way, start with a small amount and add more as needed.

Step 2

2. Because each case is different, select your tool of choice for this step. Using your fingers, a curry comb, or a brush, massage the COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER into the coat and down to the skin.

Step 3

3. Allow COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER to sit on skin and work it's magic. For drying sweat, this can range from 5-10 minutes. If treating rain rot, we recommend allowing it to sit for a minimum of 10 minutes. If you need assistance with this step, please feel free to contact Zena at 661-309-0829.
However, when applying to prevent skin ailments, you can move to step four.

Step 4

4. Once COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER has had time to work it's magic, use a soft brush to remove any dried sweat grime, or scabs from funk. Subsequently, if you're using as a preventative, you can use your brush to help any extra powder settle under the coat.

Step 5

5. Reapply as needed. For example, when drying sweat, some spots might have more moisture. Go ahead and use a little, repeating steps 1-4 to help soak it up. But if you're using this to treat rain rot, and some scabs still remain on the skin, use a bit more to help remove them. Any extra powder that remains will only help prevent bacteria and fungus, all while keeping your horse's coat clean!

COAT DEFENSE® Pro tip for hard to reach places!

We know how hard it is to brush under the belly, and rubbing in COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER can seem like a challenge!

However, if you REALLY want to get those nooks and crannies, we can't recommend HandsOn Grooming Gloves enough! They are PERFECT for working COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER because of their awesome nubs and grip!

Want to watch how to use COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER? In the video below Zena Byrne, our cofounder, shows you how to apply it to dry sweat after a chilly ride!