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7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Paw Licker Bundle For Your Furry Friend

It’s already helped hundreds of thousands of dogs get rid of yeast infections, hotspots, corn chip odor, and itch.


It is a Natural Plant-Based Solution

The Paw Licker Bundle is the effective combination of COAT DEFENSE daily Preventative Powder and COAT DEFENSE Sensitive Skin Dog Shampoo. They’re both free of lab-made chemicals and help maintain and restore the “good guys” on your dog’s skin to keep pathogenic microbes and parasites that cause irritation in check (naturally).


Our Powder Will Make Your Dog Smile Today

Vets are trained to eliminate pathogenic microbes like yeast or parasites by using pharmaceuticals. Typically they use a toxic medication, or a chemical laden shampoo or topical.

Our paradigm is different. It is safer, faster and more effective! Our powder on your dog’s skin makes it uninhabitable for pathogenic microbes or parasites. Just like we humans need a very specific environment to stay alive (we can’t survive on Mars) these pests can’t survive or thrive on your dog anymore; your dog for all intents and purposes becomes Mars when this non-toxic powder is on their skin!

Once cleared up the powder is an effective preventative. Use as a dry shampoo between wet baths to eliminate any doggy odor or as a final dry when your dog is damp or wet from the outside.


Our Shampoo Will Make Your Dog Smile Tomorrow

Conventional Shampoos are chemical laden. They are cocktails of skin allergens. Most ingredients in these formulas strip the skin of nourishing oils and the essential and protective microbiome that is the first layer of the immune system and first line of defense for their whole body. When this microbiome is destroyed by harsh detergents and petroleum derived fragrance chemicals your dog becomes itchy, flakey, yeasty and stinky. The medicated shampoos with the active ingredient chlorhexidine are the most damaging.

Even if the shampoo is not the original cause of your dog’s skin troubles most on the market will certainly exacerbate any existing issues and not allow true healing to occur.

Once you rid your dog of the pests with our magic powder that were causing all the itch and stink we beg you not to go back to the the chemical laden shampoos…

Our Sensitive Skin Dog Shampoo is Aloe based; a therapeutic miracle for the skin and coat.

It is free of synthetic chemicals that are known skin allergens or ingredients that strip the nourishing oils or protective microbiome. It is soothing and calms problem skin. You can use it as often as you like without worry because it will never dry out your dog’s skin. BTW humans love it, too!!!


Fast Results

Thanks to our naturally safe and powerful formulas… your dog doesn’t have to wait for the results. You’ll notice the bad smell dissipates almost on contact. Actually, many pets find relief within 1-3 days.


100,000s Of Dog Friends Already Love Coat Defense

Yes, really, This is what we literally hear some version of every single day:

“I have spent hundreds/thousands $$$ prior to this. My poor girl has been miserable for years! Her name is Pippin! Allergies cause licking and scratching. Warm and wet causes yeast. I tried everything! Lots of money and nothing worked. I tried this out of desperation. Finally, results and relief! With all natural ingredients.” ~ Twyla Roth


Guaranteed Results!

If you are not getting fast results please call 571-577-6435. Sandy Polentes, president at Coat Defense will personally either try to help or give all your money back. We don’t want your money if our products don’t enhance your dog’s skin and happiness. Indeed, I call ours the “Money-Back Happiness Guarantee.”