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It’s Pollen Season! How to Help Your Allergic Horse, Naturally

September 17, 2021 3 min read

The pollen flying around this time of year can be challenging for sensitive horses (and their humans!) Here are some clues that your equine bff may be suffering from seasonal allergies, and ways you can help.

1. The nose knows!

Check your horse’s muzzle. If he suddenly comes down with a runny nose and fits of sneezy snorting, he could be suffering from seasonal allergies!

2. The eyes are the window

Just like us, horses can get red, itchy eyes when bothered by environmental irritants like pollen or grass. Red, puffy eyes could be a sign that your horse might do a little better inside the barn!

3. Itchy, itchy, itchy!

Some of the most common (and frustrating) allergic reactions in horses are hives and itchy skin. If your horse is in this category, you’re in the right place. 100% natural products from Coat Defense have helped soothe the skin of thousands of dogs and horses! Many of our customers report that hives and itchy symptoms improve directly after using Coat Defense.

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Natural ways to help ease your horse's allergies

Seasonal allergies can be a real pain, but there are ways to help ease allergic reactions that are safe, natural, and easy.


Avoid the irritant as much as possible

Sometimes simply avoiding the irritant can be helpful. It can be tough to keep your horse in the barn for days, but there are other ways to help protect your horse. Sticking to the arena, limiting your outings as much as possible and staying away from foliage can ease symptoms. Some environmental irritants are short lived. During certain pollen releases and other temporary bad air quality days, staying indoors might be your best bet!

You can keep an eye on your local pollen count and watch for what is coming next by checking

Protect your horse before riding or turning out

Customers tell us our all natural Daily Preventative Powder is a must-have for their sensitive horses during allergy season. Sprinkling some powder on your horse before taking them outside creates a barrier that helps protect the skin from allergens like pollen and dust. The bentonite clay in the formula also protects your horse by continuously drawing allergens from the skin before they can create a full blown immune response.

Remember to remove irritants from your horse

It's easy to forget that when we come back inside from a ride, the outdoors comes right along with us! Pollen clings to your horse's coat and can continue to cause problems - and brushes can throw that pollen right back into the air. Before grooming with a curry or brush, take a soft, damp cloth and give your horse a quick wipe down from tip to tail. This will help remove any dust, pollen, and other environmental irritants that hitched a ride into the stable. This quick step can give your horse relief, and it can help keep you from sneezing, too!

Support your horse's immune system

A strong immune system is what helps your horse fight off and recover from allergic reactions! Start by providing your horse with quality hay and feed. Give him plenty of exercise and clean water, and read the labels of anything you use in or on your horse. Certain common ingredients can actually harm your horse's immune system and make symptoms worse! (especially itching!) Hint: keep an eye out for SULFATES - this ingredient is in most shampoos, even those that are labeled "natural". Sulfates strip away natural oils and microbiomes on your horse's skin that are a crucial part of his immune system. Coat Defense products only use safe, 100% natural ingredients that protect and soothe your horse's skin.

Use safe, natural products to soothe and protect

If your horse needs a bath, we suggest our CD Clean Shampoo! Safe, 100% natural, and helps soothe itchy irritated skin while preserving the natural oils that are important to your horse's health. Pick up our Best in Show Bundle to also get our Daily Preventative Powder and Trouble Spot drying paste! Thousands of horses have experienced immediate relief from hives, sweet itch, and itchy irritated skin. Read our reviews!

Thanks for reading, we hope you found these tips helpful! Keep an eye on your inbox for more fun and helpful tidbits from Coat Defense.



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Rachel Dory
Rachel Dory

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