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What can COAT DEFENSE® do for EXTRA Hairy Horses?

February 03, 2023 5 min read

Caring for a horse with feather? Worried about skin funk under all that fur? Don't be! COAT DEFENSE® is here to help solve all your feather horse funk!

I LOVE Coat Defense. I recommend it to all of my friends and family. I use it for everything... my dogs, my horses.... me! It’s been a miracle for my itchy German Shepherd and my new Cob gelding. I apply the powder every time a dog is brushed, every time a horse is brushed, under every saddle pad, any time a horse is blanketed, to the Cob’s legs (all that hair!)... I sprinkle it on dog beds, in my car... the list goes on! I use the paste for bug bites (on me and the animals) and scrapes. I will never been without these products!

Brande Roehmholdt Wood, Facebook Review

Owning a Gypsy I am always looking for a product to help with his itching, leg cracks and everything in between. I found coat defense and love both products! I use the powder on his mane and his tail and the paste on his cracks.
After I started using and recommending it other riders at the barn started using it and now we ALL use it daily.
I can not say enough great things about this product. I highly recommend it and so does Mr. North Fork Bullet ?

Shanna Grossman-Eisenhauer, Facebook Review

This has been the best to keep yeasty messes from forming under the thick feathers of one of my Clydesdales who is prone to it.

Kelly Anders, Facebook Review

Grab our Funk Free Package that includes a 10oz TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE and 16 oz PRO SIZE DAILY PREVENTATIVE POWDERto help alleviate all your ailments for only $67! The bonus? FREE SHIPPING!

Sold out
Sold out

Feather and Fur

Gypsy Vanners. Friesians. Clydesdales. Percherons. Belgians. Shires. Haflingers. Cobs and Fjords. So, what do all these breeds have in common? Above all, they're hairy. But that's one of the reasons we love them! And if you have one of these horses, or a cross, you're probably well aware of how intense grooming can be. Because most of these horses have fetlocks with heavy feathering, you also know how hard it can be to prevent and treat funk.

What the funk? Scratches, mud fever, cannon crud, dew poisoning...

While it goes by many names, equine pastern dermatitis can be caused by an array of culprits. However, it commonly stems from bacteria, fungus, environmental influences and genetic factors. But unfortunately, feathered horses are more prone to these issues than other breeds. Here's what Anthony Yu, DVM, MS, DACVD had to say about feathered breeds and equine pastern dermatitis...

Scratches can affect any breed, but is prevalent in draft horses due to long pastern hair (feathers). It most commonly affects the rear aspect of the hind pasterns and especially nonpigmented skin. Without treatment, the lesions can spread to the front of the pastern and fetlock. Clinical signs vary, but initially owners might notice edema (fluid swelling), redness and scaling, rapidly progressing to oozing, hair matting and crusting. If the cause is vasculitis (blood vessel wall inflammation), ulcers might form on the skin. Secondary bacterial infection is a common complication and can perpetuate the signs. In chronic cases, skin can thicken and fissure due to constant movement and flexion in this area. The lesions are often painful.

Anthony Yu, DVM, MS, DACVD

How can COAT DEFENSE® help skin problems in horses with feather?

COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER is the first DRY way to PREVENT and TREAT equine dermatitis. It’s all natural, and made from only seven simple ingredients. It’s anti-bacterial, and anit-fungal, which will destroy existing fungal and bacterial colonies, or stop them before they erupt. Especially in feathered horses. Why? Because of the silky, powder consistency, COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER can be worked down to the skin. Without having to shave the feather!

So, how does COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER prevent funk in feathered horses?

COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER starves bacteria and fungus of it’s food source. And what's that food source? The moisture on your horse’s skin. COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER gets to work drying up this moisture, and the colonies die off. Because there are no harsh chemicals, this leaves only healthy cells behind. With the bacteria and fungus gone, and by using the COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDERto keep them away, your horse’s skin can safely heal.

Is COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER used ONLY for equine dermatitis?

Nope. Because COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDERis a drying agent, it can help almost every equine skin ailment. It works by creating a healing environment where your horse’s immune system can do what it does best. Fight and Heal. In addition, it's a fabulous dry shampoo that can be used between baths, or when it's too cold to bathe. Likewise, it works wonderfully to wick away sweat after a winter ride on your furry beast!

Grab our Funk Free Package that includes a 10oz TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE and 24 oz PRO SIZE DAILY PREVENTATIVE POWDERto help alleviate all your ailments for only $49! The bonus? FREE SHIPPING!

Here are some other great uses for COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER!

  • By using COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER under horse blankets, sheets, coolers, saddle pads and work boots, you can prevent bacteria build up, keep them smelling fresh, and protect against chafing
  • After rides to help dry up sweat, all while keeping bacteria and fungus away
  • On itchy, smelly dogs as a dry shampoo to keep them clean and comfortable between bathing, while also treating hot spots
  • On yourself, using the COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER as a deodorant to replace any aluminum based brands, on legs to slip on riding breeches, and in helmets to reduce sweat and rubbing on my forehead
  •  It’s an excellent dry shampoo when it’s too cold for a hose

My feathered horse has scabs and funk, will COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER work?

In addition to COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER, we have created COAT DEFENSE® TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE. This is used AFTER the skin is heavily inflamed or broken. The thick consistency creates a protective barrier and defends the skin cells from pathogens and moisture.  Fungus and bacteria require moisture to survive and thrive. COAT DEFENSE® TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE provides the skin with a dry environment to enable healing, it continuously draws out moisture, and allows the body to repair damaged cells.

So if your feathered horse already has some serious scabs going on, you'll want to grab our COAT DEFENSE® TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE to treat them. After the scabs start to fall off, you can use the COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER to prevent them from returning.

Ben Evans
Ben Evans

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