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It's Natural - and It Works!

When they couldn't find skin care without irritants, chemicals or toxins, Coat Defense founders Sandy and Vince Polentes created 100% natural powder and paste formulas to soothe their own skin. Little did they know the miracles their products would work on horses!

Rain Rot • Fungus • Sweet Itch • Hives
Soothes Allergies • Tail Rubbing • Itchy Skin
Dries Sweat Fast • Prevents Chafing

Scratches • Mud Fever • Wound Care
Dew Poisoning • Cuts & Scrapes
Bug Bites • Summer Sores

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About Our Horse Powder

About Our Horse Paste

"Miracle Products!"

"I will NEVER be without Coat Defense for my horse!"

Coat Defense transforms the lives of horses and their humans every day.

Powder Up, Paste On - and see what happens!