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Holiday Wholesale Special - the Perfect Horsey Gift!

Traveler Bundle

The perfect Coat Defense retail gift pack for the holidays! Pre-packaged and ready to sell..


  • 3.5oz Powder Traveler
  • 1oz Paste Traveler
  • Coat Defense Sticker

MSRP $18, Cost $12.60 • Buy 3 and 4th is free

Contact Traci to order - (703) 345-2387


It's Rain Rot & Mud Fever Season

Remind your customers thatan ounce of prevention is worth thousands at the vet!

Using Coat Defense Powder every day keeps horses sound. Your customers will thank you for saving them huge vet bills this season!

Send your sales staff to our Mud Fever blog post to learn how to use Coat Defense paste, powder and shampoo to prevent & treat:

pastern dermatitis • pastern folliculitis scratches • dew poisoning • greasy heel cracked heels • mud fever • rain rot