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No Stink At All!

"I put it on my stinky Boxador and his very stinky feet! He 100 percent smells better, actually no "STINK" at all!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!" Kritsty E.

11 Years of Stink Gone!

"My 11 year old stinky Bassett Hound has stunk his entire life. We love him but he stinks. And his ears no matter how much you clean them they stink. I sprinkled this lightly from tail to head and rubbed it in. I lifted up his ears and sprinkled a light dusting and I could not smell him. I haven’t smelled him for 3 days so far. I am shocked. I wish I would’ve found this 11 years ago. I was not paid to say this!!!" Ann H.

Stinky Bulldog Now Smells Great!

"My American Bulldog always had an odor because of his short greasy hair. I have been using the powder for 2 weeks and the odor is gone! Not just covered up, GONE! I noticed the difference after one body rub. I swear when I have the container in my hand he sits down waiting for his rub down. I think the smell calms him, too. I will never stop using this product. Me and my dog are very happy!"Barbara N.

Fixed Stinky Eye Goop!

"My dog has under eye goop that stinks so bad! I take a tiny bit of the powder between my fingers and gently massage under his eyes and NO STINK FOR DAYS! Sprinkle some magic down his back and no outdoor dog stink! It is amazing and wish I could order a truckload so I would never be without it. WTG for COAT DEFENSE marketing on Facebook so I would see it. Super impressed!"Kim S.

Yeasty Stinky Pitty All Better!

"I have one yeasty little pitty and an older pit who has recently getting horrible rashes under his legs. As for the stink on my little dog I thought nothing would help; he is allergic to almost everything! THIS WORKS for the stink! Omg the yeast smell in his ears and on his neck dissipated immediately! My big guy woke up with no rashes on his legs!   We are thankful for this product! Lifetime customers!!!"Marie L.

No More Stinkies!

"This is an amazing product. My American Bulldog was suffering from the stinkies! She was stinking up my room real bad even after a bath. I just got this product yesterday and I applied the powder on her and it worked on contact! NO MORE STINKIES! No more chasing her out of my room! Thank you so much!" Mercdes G.

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Instantly De-Stink Your Dog!

Help your dog get invited to more parties! Coat Defense Daily Preventative Powder deodorizes on contact and helps soothe and protect itchy skin. It's easy to use! Sprinkle it on and rub it in. That's it! Stink is gone!


🌱🍃 100% Natural
🏆🌎 No chemicals or artificial ingredients
🐶🤗 Safe for dogs and their humans
🇺🇸❤️ Made with love in the USA
🏆👍 Works miracles! Read our reviews!