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Happiness is having a dog... who doesn't stink or itch!


Because it is a simple, fast and effective way to eliminate and prevent odor and itch on your best friend!
Brought to you by a human organic skincare company. Human tested… pet approved!

Three all-natrual products bringing relief and healing your furry family

#1 Daily Preventative Powder - the perfect dry shampoo

  • Stinky between baths or grooms?
  • Doesn’t like or afraid of baths?
  • Big dogs who are not easy to bathe?
  • Old dogs who are moving slowly and a little too stinky?
  • Dogs who go to lots of fun places and get too dirty for your car?…camping,, dog park, beach, hiking?
  • When you’re short on time or just don’t feel like giving a wet bath?
  • Just came in from the rain and all you can smell is dog?

My 11 year old Bassett Hound has stunk his entire life. We love him but he stinks. No matter how much we clean his ears they stink, too. I sprinkled lightly from tail to head and a light dusting in his ears.   I could not smell him. I haven’t smelled him for three days so far. I am shocked. I wish I would’ve found this 11 years ago. I was not paid to say this!!!~Ann Ham

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#1 Daily Preventative Powder - for itch relief

  • Always scratching and licking?
  • Not getting a full night's sleep?
  • Ears and paws that smell like corn chips?

From the first minute of application my dog stopped her maddening itch! After trying everything I was surprised to find such an effective non drug topical fix. She had bloodied herself and chunks of fur everywhere. It also kills odor. Wish I owned stock in this company!! My poor dog is so happy.  ~Jerrilyn Pate

#2 Trouble Spot Drying Paste - wound care for broken skin that dries, protects, and relieves itch

  • Open hot spots
  • One step wound care
  • Bug bites
  • Effective for humans on bites, stings, acne, poison ivy

My poor dog had licked his crotch and hind legs raw from itching. The skin was scabbed and raw. I used the paste as a spot treatment twice, and the powder all over. His skin has completely healed, and the powder makes him smell so fresh! Thank you for these products, they are unbelievable!! I am sharing with everyone I know with dogs!!! ~Kirist Couch

#3 CD CLEAN Shampoo(liquid)

  • Non medicated (Aloe based with natural coconut surfactant)
  • Nourishing and soothing
  • Free of skin allergens (SLS, Fragrance, Parabens)
  • Retains natural skin oils and microbiome
  • Will not exacerbate existing skin issues
  • Started in our human line so you can use, too!

Honey has always smelled horrible, even after bathing. She is sensitive and allergic to everything. I used this shampoo once, and so far she has not smelled bad in days. I am amazed at how well it works. Thank you! ~Christina Clendenin

FREE Shipping on all bundles!

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