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“Why I love and stand by Coat Defense! I will forever use these products because they literally work instantly on my dog who has crazy allergies! Don’t need to say much I think these pictures speak enough for it! Hives/rash to nothing with
hair grown back in just a few weeks!”

“After months of Steroids, Meds, and everything my vet could think of; the powder for a week was all we needed!
Thank You Coat Defense!”
- Nicole Berman, FL

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“Oscar suffered from inflamed, red itchy hot spots. After 2 weeks of using the powder, the inflammation went down, the redness disappeared and he stopped itching!”
- Ashley Meredith, VET TECH, FL


“This product is amazing!! This stuff helped both of my furbratz itchy issues!! and they have two very different issues. Bleu had these little spots that kinda oozzed and just stunk so bad!! After a month of using these products.. Bleus skin is clearing up!! His ears.. omgosh!! His ears look better than they ever have!! I used a cotton ball to wet the inside of his ears after I cleaned them really good. and then I used a dry cotton ball to powder a lil bit Coat Defense in his ears and for the first time in three years his ears are clear of yucky yeast!!💖😭💖( I didn't sprinkle it in his ears just used a cotton ball like a powder puff after I cleaned them and he smells so much better!!”
- Mary Kennerson, FACEBOOK REVIEW

“This difference in 1 week. Allergies cause licking and scratching. Warm and wet causes yeast. Yeast causes hair loss and more itching and licking. I tried everything! Lots of money and nothing worked.
I tried this out of desperation.
Finally, results and relief! All natural ingredients.”
- Twyla Roth-Rettberg, FACEBOOK REVIEW


“Leo had a wound that wouldn’t heal. After applying COAT DEFENSE® paste for a week, the wound completely healed. I now use the powder regularly and his coat looks and smells terrific!”
- Alison Jordan, MD


“Arrived in my mailbox in 3 days! Super easy to use! Our sweet rescue Boyd has some anxiety issues and I wondered how he'd deal with the powder! No worries... he loved the extra rubs and the doggy odors neutralized. He just smells good... not artificial or perfumey! Will definitely recommend!”
- Sheri Kelley Harrison, Facebook Review

COAT DEFENSE® canine was originally created as an organic deodorant powder and dry shampoo for humans. After success in people, we stumbled upon the fact that it helped treat and prevent skin and coat issues in horses. Happy horse owners tried it on their dogs, and had the same powerful results with hot spots, allergies, canine yeast infections! All while fending off stinky dog odor and keeping them smelling fresh! The best part? It's handmade in the USA with only natural, readable ingredients!

Not sure which COAT DEFENSE®
product your dog needs?

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