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CLEAN & Clear Bundle

Is your dog itchy or stinky? Do they have red, inflamed rashes? Do their paws smell like corn chips? They could be suffering from a canine yeast infection of the skin.

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Our products are non-toxic, crafted from only safe, readable ingredients, and contain no fillers.

“This product is amazing!!”

“This product is amazing!! This stuff helped both of my furbratz itchy issues!! and they have two very different issues. Bleu had these little spots that kinda oozzed and just stunk so bad!! After a month of using these products.. Bleus skin is clearing up!! His ears.. omgosh!! His ears look better than they ever have!! I used a cotton ball to wet the inside of his ears after I cleaned them really good. and then I used a dry cotton ball to powder a lil bit Coat Defense in his ears and for the first time in three years his ears are clear of yucky yeast!!💖😭💖( I didn't sprinkle it in his ears just used a cotton ball like a powder puff after I cleaned them and he smells so much better!!” - Mary Kennerson, Facebook Review

“He just smells good...”

“Arrived in my mailbox in 3 days! Super easy to use! Our sweet rescue Boyd has some anxiety issues and I wondered how he'd deal with the powder! No worries... he loved the extra rubs and the doggy odors neutralized. He just smells good... not artificial or perfumey! Will definitely recommend!” - Sheri Kelley Harrison, Facebook Review

“My dog stinks, and he’s constantly scratching!”

“My dog’s paws and ears smell like corn chips!”

“My dog is always shaking his head because his ears are itchy!”

Sound familiar?

If your dog has these symptoms, you’re not alone. Yeast Dermatitis is one of the most common skin problems for our pooches.

Why are so many dogs suffering?

There's a protective micro-biome on the skin

The ecological community of commensal, symbiotic and pathogenic microorganisms that share our body space. 

The skin is home to over a trillion organisms at any given time, including thousands of species of bacteria as well as viruses and fungi. These all serve a purpose and are important for proper balance. Like the gut, when the balance is altered, it will create symptoms.

The skin's immune system and micro-biome communicate and respond to one another's needs. When not in balance the friendly bugs that protect the skin are not able to manage and keep in check the proliferation of the pathogenic bugs like yeast which begins to takeover without this balance. Hence, your pet is feeling the symptoms of itchy skin and you are noticing the bad smell, also known as yeast.

Our dog’s skin is under constant assault from environmental agents like medicated and over the counter shampoos (the majority of pet prescribed and over the counter shampoos have multiple known skin allergens as ingredients in their formulas) , topical treatments, medications like anti-biotics, antihistamines and steroids; paws walking on chemical treated lawns or carpets to name some of the common culprits. Our modern chemical filled worlds may be doing more harm than good for microbiota balance on the skin.

“Why I love and stand by Coat Defense!”

“Why I love and stand by Coat Defense! I will forever use these products because they literally work instantly on my dog who has crazy allergies! Don’t need to say much I think these pictures speak enough for it! Hives/rash to nothing with hair grown back in just a few weeks!” - Mary Lane, Facebook Post

“Finally, results and relief!”

“This difference in 1 week. Allergies cas licking and scratching. Warm and wet causes yeast. Yeast causes hair loss and more itching and licking. I tried everything! Lots of money and nothing worked. I tried this out of desperation. Finally, results and relief! All natural ingredients.” - Twyla Roth - Rettberg, Facebook Review

COAT DEFENSE is here to offer ‘Something Better’

Goodbye itch and stinky dog smell!

We invite you to try our dry solution, COAT DEFENSE Daily Preventative Powder Canine, this sprinkle of safe ingredients will make your dog’s skin uninhabitable for yeast, bacteria, and even fleas and mites. All of these annoying pests, that cause your pets to be miserable, require moisture.   The powder continuously draws moisture and is anti -bacterial. Yeast requires moisture to survive and thrive. Think of how long you’d live in a desert without water. It happens much faster with these tiny guys. They either get out of town or die and if you continue to apply as a preventative they don’t move back in. It’s as simple as changing the terrain on your dog’s skin.

Next, we invite you to try our wet solution, our new CD CLEAN Shampoo, to safely wash your pet without destroying the microbiome or the nourishing and protective oils. You will no longer be compounding the itch by washing them with a shampoo (the majority of shampoos on the market) formulated with known skin allergens. Hint: if ingredient list reads like a chemistry set it is likely not beneficial to your dog’s skin.

COAT DEFENSE is ‘Something Better’ for you, your pets and the planet we share!

We hope you join us!

CLEAN Bundle

Our COAT DEFENSE® CLEAN Bundle nurtures and promotes healthy skin - without harsh chemicals. Our bundle includes two COAT DEFENSE® canine & cats daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER's and one COAT DEFENSE® CLEAN Shampoo. Made in the USA with natural ingredients, we're offering a one-two punch solution for dogs suffering from yeast related skin problems.