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Does your dog suffer from skin and coat conditions, like hot spots and allergies? Does your dog get stinky, even just a few days after a bath? COAT DEFENSE® canine can help!

Before COAT DEFENSE® canine       After COAT DEFENSE® canine
"Why I love and stand by Coat Defense ! I will forever use these products because they literally work instantly on my dog who has crazy allergies! Don’t need to say much I think these pictures speak enough for it! Hives/rash to nothing with hair grown back in just a few weeks!"

COAT DEFENSE®canine was originally created as an organic deodorant powder and dry shampoo for humans. After success in people, we stumbled upon the fact that it helped treat and prevent skin and coat issues in horses. Happy horse owners tried it on their dogs, and had the same powerful results with hot spots, allergies, canine yeast infections! All while fending off stinky dog odor and keeping them smelling fresh!

What can COAT DEFENSE® canine do for my dog?

Sharing life with a dog is the best feeling in the world. But unfortunately, sometimes our dogs suffer from skin and coat conditions, and we as their care takers feel that pain alongside them. But COAT DEFENSE® canine can help alleviate these common canine skin problems! And the best part? It’s non-toxic, all natural, and derived from only 7 simple ingredients. It can help TREAT and PREVENT…


These are red, itchy spots that can become inflamed, and hot to the touch. Hotspots can drive a dog to lick, scratch, and even bite the irritated skin lesion. Because hot spots can be caused by an variety of culprits, they can be difficult to treat. COAT DEFENSE® canine works to dry the moisture these spots thrive on, and bring your dog relief on contact! By using it daily, you can PREVENT hot spots from coming back!

Oscar and Copper before and afterCOAT DEFENSE® canine.

"Oscar and Copper both suffered from inflamed, red itchy hot spots. After 2 weeks of using the powder, the inflammation went down, the redness disappeared and they stopped itching!"

Before COAT DEFENSE® canine              AfterCOAT DEFENSE® canine
"COAT DEFENSE® gave him immediate relief and reduced swelling and inflammation in a day. I highly recommend it!"

The Canine Bundle includes two daily COAT DEFENSE® PREVENTATIVE POWDER canine, and one COAT DEFENSE® TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE canine for only$48 with FREE shipping!

"After months of Steroids, Meds, and everything my vet could think of; the powder for a week was all we needed! Thank You Coat Defense!"



Dogs can have an allergic reaction to external irritants like insect bites, pollen, new household products and more. As a result, their skin can break out in rashes, hives or splotchy red bumps. COAT DEFENSE® canine soothes skin on contact, cooling itch and allowing your dog relief. We always recommend finding the cause of your dogs allergy, but COAT DEFENSE® canine can help relieve the symptoms that come with allergic dermatitis!

"My little cavalier king charles spaniel has struggled with severe itch every August/September and nothing but steroids seem to solve the itch. The vet thought it might be mange because that is the season the fox cubs are spreading it in my area so we tried to treat her prophelatically with topical to prevent mange but that too was unsuccessful so back to the steroids again. This year I thought I would try coat defense and started using it early in August before her typical itch would begin and this is the first September in five years that she has not had to go on steroids. The Vet was shocked and asked if I had changed her diet which I had not. I am so happy that September no longer means the month my sweet Gigi goes on Steroids. Thank you Coat Defense!"

CYNTHIA CURLEY‎, Facebook Post

"Been using the powder on one of my Great Pyrenees to treat skin allergies, hot spots, itchy spots, etc. Not only has it given him from relief from the symptoms, it appears to have helped heal his skin issues. I just ordered the 24 oz paste to continue treating areas where he has skin folds."



Seborrheic Dermatitis is what causes a dogs skin to flake, like dandruff in humans, and produce that greasy coat texture, even shortly after a bath. Because of an excessive amount of sebum, produced by the sebaceous glands, a dog will quickly collect oil on the coat. All that extra sebum is what makes your dog so smelly! COAT DEFENSE® canine dries up this oil, and allow flakes and stink subside!

"My senior shepherd tends to get smelly and dandruffy, especially in the winter when giving him a bath isn’t an option. But thanks to COAT DEFENSE® canine,my stinky shepherd is a thing of the past! I brush in the daily Preventative Powder as a dry shampoo to keep his coat less oily and flakey, he smells so good! Thank you!!!


"I LOVE Coat Defense. I recommend it to all of my friends and family, I recommend it to random strangers! I use it for everything… my dogs, my horses…. me! It’s been a miracle for my itchy German Shepherd... I apply the powder every time a dog is brushed, every time a horse is brushed… I sprinkle it on dog beds, in my car… the list goes on! I use the paste for bug bites (on me and the animals) and scrapes. I will never been without these products!"



Is your dog itching their ears non-stop? Or licking their paws red? Are they extra stinky? They could be suffering from a canine yeast infection. Yeast thrives in between toes and inside the ears, causing skin discoloration and a buildup of grime. COAT DEFENSE® canine starves yeast of it's food source by drying up the moisture it feeds on!

"I want to say a huge thank you to Tim and Coat Defense! My wife and I have an almost 6 year old German Shepherd mix with extremely sensitive skin, especially in his ears and stomach. After switching his food to grain free, trying several over-the-counter specialty shampoos with weekly (sometimes daily) baths, and keeping him on very expensive allergy medication prescribed by our vet, nothing seemed to be helping our fur-baby and he was miserable! While talking with Tim about it one day he mentioned we should try Coat Defense. So I thought what the heck, what's another $30. Well, that's probably the best $30 I've ever spent on our dog. After using the Coat Defense paste, bathing our dog & then applying the powder to his ears, stomach and rubbing through his coat, I was amazed at how big of a difference this product made in only one application. That first use was over a month ago and now I only have to use the powder about once per day. His skin looks great, no more hot spots, no more itching and a lot less head shaking and ear issues! I want to say a huge thank you to Tim and Coat Defense! Our fur-baby is doing better and I'm saving money! It's a win-win!"

ANDREW GASKELL, Facebook Review

"Well I received my COAT DEFENSE® powder yesterday. IT'S ABSOLUTELY A MIRACLE, LOVE THIS, I THANK YOU&MY DOG ARROW THANKS YOU. Finally a good nite sleep for both of us. I rubbed this through his toes, there was no itching or licking&chewing of feet, I never expected that to really work as I've tried everything, and I mean everything, and I surely didn't expect to work that fast. AND I NEVER GAVE HIM ANY BENADRYL, WOW thank you again... If any of you are on the fence about this product I suggest you give a try.



Dogs get wounds too, and they can be tough to heal. COAT DEFENSE® canineTROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE can be applied on wounds to protect them from external agents, draw out toxins, and allow skin cells get to work mending!

Leo before and afterCOAT DEFENSE® canine.

"Leo had a wound that wouldn’t heal. After applying COAT DEFENSE® paste for a week, the wound completely healed. I now use the powder regularly and his coat looks and smells terrific!"


"shocked and impressed with how well COAT DEFENSE® healed the wound"

"I'm writing this on behalf of my barn owner who doesn't have Facebook. Roxy is a sweet 12 y/o doggo who unfortunately had a really bad snaggle claw that gouged a big chunk into her leg. The wound was ooey, gooey and not nice looking. My barn owner was afraid the wound would easily get infected so she started applying Coat Defense Paste to it a few times a day.
Within a few days the wound was dry, closed over and best of all not infected! My barn owner was SO shocked and impressed with how well Coat Defense healed the wound that she suggested I take some pictures and post them on social media as a testimonial.
We also love that Coat Defense is all natural - no nasty chemicals whatsoever. This way if Roxy licked it she'd still be a-okay. I am personally impressed with how well Coat Defense works on different species, from horses to dogs to probably any animal under the sun! I use the Coat Defense Paste and Powder almost daily on my horse and I think I'd have a stroke if they ever went out of business (there'd be riots people, riots!)
I'm posting an After photo of Roxy's wound (unfortunately I don't have a before). Also the photo is blurry because Roxy wouldn't stand still.
Thank you Coat Defense and Sandy Lasoff Polentes for developing all natural extremely effective products!! I really don't know what we did before we discovered you! ?"

ALICIA ANNE, Facebook Review


Because superficial bacterial and fungal infections need moisture to survive, COAT DEFENSE® canine can be used to starve off their food source. We always recommend talking to your vet about root causes of these issues, but COAT DEFENSE® canine is a natural tool you can use in your artillery to help bring an end to your dogs chronic skin problem!

"For 8 years this dog had chronic skin issues. After 2 weeks of using COAT DEFENSE® paste and powder, the scabs are completely gone!"


"I have to admit, I was skeptical..."

"All I can say is thank you! I run a Chow Chow rescue, and have tried everything to clear up hot spots and skin problems for one of my 'foster failures'. But I have to admit, I was skeptical when I came across the Coat Defense ad. I ordered the preventative powder for canines, and was delighted to also try the drying paste. With the first application, Chula's itching completely stopped, and her wounds are healing quickly! These products are the real deal, and their natural ingredients make them my new 'go to'. Finally, truth in advertising! Well done, Coat Defense."


Ready to start your dogs journey toward a happy, healthy life that isn't itchy, red, swollen and painful? Grab your COAT DEFENSE® canine today!

The Canine Bundle includes two daily COAT DEFENSE® PREVENTATIVE POWDER canine, and one COAT DEFENSE® TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE canine for only $48 with FREE shipping!