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CD CLEAN stands for…

We want to keep our planet healthy and our bodies healthy. At CD CLEAN we believe healthy is beautiful, so we only use ingredients given to us by nature to keep your skin, hair and soul free from toxins. The way nature meant for it to be… all the beauty without the toxicity.

Our facility is free from synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances and dyes, petro-chemical derivatives, harsh surfactants, detergents, solvents, plasticizers, chemical preservatives, penetration enhancers, GMOs, gluten, and anything not lovingly crafted by nature.

CD CLEAN Deodorant Powder

Where this dog and pony show got started! See our story!

This refreshing Cucumber Mint powder removes and prevents body odor safely while encouraging your lymph system to cleanse and detoxify. It is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

Uses:  deodorant for all body parts , dry shampoo, athlete’s foot, jock itch, as an anti-chafing for athletes.

CD CLEAN Shampoo

We are offering something new and something old. It’s a pure ingredient, plant-based shampoo that Bausc human customers have been using and loving for years. We’ve been trying it on our friend’s dogs, horses, and donkeys with the same glowing reviews. You will love it for what's in it but love it even more for what we left out!

Uses: Try on yourself, kids, spouse, dog, horse, donkey; makes a great bubble bath! Just remember it's concentrated: a little goes a long way!

CD CLEAN Body Souffle

A thick and fluffy moisturizing cream with a high percentage of butters: mango seed butter, and shea butter. A light and clean pear scent that leaves you feeling fresh and pampered.

CD CLEAN Deodorant Powder

Baking soda, bentonite clay, arrowroot powder, non-GMO cornstarch, oil of peppermint, Organic Cucumber Extract

CD CLEAN Shampoo

Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) gel, aqua (distilled water), potassium cocate, potassium olivate, rubus idaeus (raspberry leaf) extract, symphtum officinate (comfrey root)extract, camellia sinensis leaf (green tea) extract, citrus medica limonum (green lemon), persea gratlssima (avocado), citrallus lanatus (melon), arkogeiules (fenugrec), Panthenol silk protein, lonicera caprifollium (honeysuckle flower extract), lonicera japonica (honeysuckle flower extract), tange

CD CLEAN Body Souffle

Aqua (pH balanced distilled water), glycine soja oil, lavandula angustifolia (lavende) flowers,calendula officinales, aloe barbdensis (aloe vera) gel, glycerin (vegetable derived),cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate, butyrospermium parkii (shea), magnifera indica (mango) seed butter, sodium PCA, cocos nucifera(coconut) oil, gardenia tahitensis (monoi de Tahiti) oil, lonicera caprifolium (honeysuckle) flower extract, purely herbal essence.

Our products are non-toxic, crafted from only safe, readable ingredients, and contain no fillers. COAT DEFENSE® is proudly handmade in Ashburn, VA.

FREE Shipping at $48 & All Bundles!

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    United States United States

    Nice products

    I have severe allergies and sensitive skin that is prone to rashes and itchiness if I don't use quality products. I can be a bit apprehensive in trying something new but after reading about the natural ingredients of Clean Defense products, I felt it was worth a shot. I really enjoy the shampoo for myself and look forward to trying it on my horses when the weather gets a bit warmer. The body souffle helps keep my skin from getting too dry in the winter and it has a really pleasant smell. I prefer lotions that absorb into the skin right away and this one requires more rubbing than other lotions I have used but it still does a fantastic job. The only product I'm not a real fan of is the deodorant. It does smell nice but I do not find it convenient to put on and I feel it wearing off faster than other products I've tried. So I'm going to stay with my usual deodorant product and try using the Clean Defense product inside my shoes as suggested on the label. And who doesn't love a good deal? Currently there is a free shipping offer and occasionally you can get a coupon offer as well. The best deal of all to me is the products are made in the USA.


    Body care for Me!

    I am beyond impressed that I don’t have to worry about gluten in your products. The shampoo is amazing for soaking in the tub, washing your hair. Very light, no heavy residue. Skin soufflé- moisturizing, light, clean scent. The powder has a clean, fresh scent as well. These scents are just from the natural product ingredients- nothing perfumes or heavy. The powder is great, stays put, not transferring from your hands to clothing. I will definitely be purchasing these products again❤️


    Loved them all!

    Loved the soft scent of all 3 products. I am using the deodorant powder for my summer shoes when I wear them without socks. I wish the shampoo came in a larger container because I use it for my dogs... A container with a pump would be nice.

    Mendy L.
    Oregon, USA

    Love the smell of the shampoo and powder

    First off, I really didn't care for the body souffle, it just wasn't my scent and the texture of the cream is ok, but not my favorite. I like something a little more heavier, richer with the silicone slippery feel and extra skin barrier protection. I actually have a lot of different body lotions and creams because I am an advanced aesthetician I get professional medical grade products, and deals on my products. But I had to try, it's kinda my job to try different skincare products. I'm not saying it was horrible, I just have so many other things to choose from. That being said, I do like the clean shampoo and have been using it consistent instead of my other haircare shampoos with sets. It feels ultra clean and smells great! I feel like it has opened up my scalp like maybe their were areas a little clogged which is normal especially for women who do a lot of different products in their hair and a lot of different styling techniques like blowouts. I.e. I hardly ever blowout and/ or curl my hair. But I do use a texturizer as well as detangler and a light mouse, and sometimes a volumizer. But my hair dries natural. I think this might help with thinning hair since it is very natural and clean, but not like squeaky! It just feels clean and like it's ingredients are naturally unclogging pores in the scalp. I haven't tried it long enough to know yet! The powder deodorant I read the description and thought I probably wouldn't like it, but the smell sounded divine and it was. I mean clean and crisp like a cucumber and minty fresh. I really love the smell I actually use it with a little oil so one it stays on and two it absorbs all of the white powder. I was using a facial oil I had bought an it worked fine, mostly because I don't have baby oil and my grapeseed oil was in my medispa downstairs and I didn't feel like getting dressed to run down and get it! Lol.. but I would suggest something less expensive, like grapeseed oil or baby oil and something low molecule that absorbs quickly. As far as how well it worked. Well it definitely works, maybe not as well as secret or something that is made to stay on and keep your armpits clogged from sweating. But it is natural and it doesn't have all the chemicals and works well on a normal day just working a short shift for me and maybe daily errands. You can get a small whiff of it throughout the day when I lifted my arms once or twice which was a nice surprise. I am not a heavy sweater, but if you are you might consider using your deodorant or a deodorizer that works and putting this on as an extra protection plus the scent. I definitely feel like I'm treating my body better and love the smell. I wouldn't run a 10k or expect to do a hard work out in it. But maybe get a natural deodorant you like and put this on over it? Is the smell and minty fresh feeling worth it? I think so. So the souffle I thought I'd love just by the name and description of the smell, but it didn't really work for me. I'm not saying it wouldn't work for you! Someone else might love that smell! But overall two out of three isn't bad, and especially considering I was on this site to buy some antiitch products for my dog who has a hot spot. More about that next review!

    Linda T.
    New Hampshire, USA

    New favorite

    I really like the shampoo. New favorite.