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Winter is Coming - EP.2: RAIN ROT

November 12, 2017 3 min read

Equine Skin Ailments in Winter

We're heading into that time of year again, you know the one. It's the worst one, the one every horse owner dreads. Winter. Ugh.

It's the time to start throwing on turnout sheets, trudging through rainy, gray days to catch our soaked horse, and waiting endlessly for everything to dry out and the sun to return. The worst part, we know we’re stuck with the gloom for months on end, until late spring brings us some much needed sunshine. 

The other part that stinks? Equine skin ailments. And one culprit that causes so many headaches... Rain Rot.

What's Rain Rot?

As discussed in our last article on mud fever, rain rot shares the same bacterium, dermatophilus congolensis. This bacteria is in a family called actinomycetes, these little things act like both bacteria and fungi. Horses naturally have these organisms on their skin; they lay dormant until rainy, wet conditions cause it to flare-up, casuing scabs and funk to form along the back, withers and rump.

How do you treat Rain Rot?

The solution to starving off this bacterium is keep your horse’s skin dry. One option is keeping your horse in all winter, but most of us know that this is a terrible idea unless we’re looking for a bucking bronco to tear down the barn. Another option is keeping on a turnout sheet, but this can trap moisture and could actually fuel the bacteria. We need to keep our horse’s skin dry, but how?

Well, lucky for horse owners, new products have hit the market that finally PREVENT and TREAT rain rot. It's called COAT DEFENSE®. And it's about to be your go-to grooming aids for keeping your horse’s skin clear and healthy during those rainy, wet months.

We LOVE it!! It cleared up Gidget’s rain rot super fast! We've been using the powder as a preventative on Gidget’s back after rides and it has really kept the rain rot at bay. So it’s worth the purchase!

LeeAnn Stone Johnson, Facebook Review


COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER is used BEFORE the skin is heavily inflamed or broken. It can be used as a barrier against skin and coat ailments, while also treating the early stages of fungus and bacteria buildup. It is also used under pads, wraps, boots, and blankets to prevent moisture and odor. Riding this winter and want to help dry your sweaty horse quickly? Curry in some COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER to aid in drying AND prevent equine skin ailments!

COAT DEFENSE® is an all natural solution with no harsh chemicals. While many other treatments contain ingredients you can't read and can actually cause harm to healthy skin, COAT DEFENSE® is safe to use daily to prevent and treat.

How does COAT DEFENSE® treat Rain Rot in Horses?

COAT DEFENSE® creates a drying environment, which prevents bacterial and fungal growth by denying them the food source they thrive on. Simple as that, keep the skin dry, starve off the bacteria or fungi, and prevent flare-ups. Sprinkle it on, rub it in, and watch the rain rot fall off. Check out the video below to see COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER in action...


COAT DEFENSE® TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE is used AFTER the skin is heavily inflamed or broken.  The thick consistency creates a protective barrier and defends the skin cells from pathogens and moisture.  Fungus and bacteria require moisture to survive and thrive. COAT DEFENSE® TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE provides the skin with a dry environment to enable healing, it continuously draws out moisture, and allows the body to repair damaged cells. Use it on mud fever, scratches, cellulitis, bug bites, rubs, raw spots, hair loss and more.

I’m so impressed with how quickly the hair grew back, it stopped her itching and healed her rubbed, raw spots so fast!

Kathy Schwartz, OH

End equine skin ailments today. Grab our Funk Free Fall Package that includes a 10oz TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE and 24 oz PRO SIZE DAILY PREVENTATIVE POWDERto help alleviate rain rot, rubbing, mud fever and more. The bonus? FREE SHIPPING!


Emily Schwartz
Emily Schwartz

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