Can You Prevent Scratches, Girth Galls, Boot Rubs, etc.?

April 23, 2018 3 min read

April 23rd, 2018

Can You Prevent Scratches, Girth Galls, Boot Rubs, etc.?

Published by Emily Schwartz in Horse Care

Horse owners often find themselves exhausted as they try to keep their horse safe and healthy, wrapping them in proverbial bubble wrap. Non-horse people see horses as large, powerful animals, decked out in the armor of the dark ages like impenetrable beasts. Oh, but how far from the truth this mythological stereotype is. The truth is, they are made of glass. Hairy, hungry, attitude infused glass.

Thin Skinned

Protecting a horse’s skin from irritation can be incredibly difficult, especially if your horse is thin-skinned and prone to breaking out easily. We see this issue pop-up with simple riding equipment such as boot rubs, under the wraps gunk and girth galls. We also see it in the downtime, with scratches or greasy heel from turnout time in new or changing pasture conditions. You are left pulling the hair out of your head, and patching it on your balding horse.

We know that by the time we notice boot rubs, girth galls, scratches or funk, it’s likely our horse is already irritated. It’s tough to treat these issues once they appear because it usually calls for a change in routine. Whether this is buying a multitude of boots or girths to see if one doesn’t rub, keeping them away from sandy arenas or muddy turnouts or even having to do all of the above AND medicate.

Preventing Skin Problems in Horses

A prevention routine can be difficult to begin, because it seems like we’re spending time for something that MAY happen, in the long run it is much more affordable and a lot more comfortable for your horse. But, is there really a way to prevent all of these? Considering they all can be caused by a different environmental factor, how would that be possible?

While the causes may vary, the prevention is the same. Keeping your horse’s skin dry will keep them free from fungi and bacteria. That’s why when your horse ends up with scratches, it is recommended to keep them out of moist turnouts. The sweat under boots, girths and pads are what allow fungi and bacteria to thrive and fester.

Keep the Skin Dry - Keep the Ailments Away

COAT DEFENSE® is here to offer peace of mind. COAT DEFENSE® products are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, natural, and safe for you and your horse. Rather than waiting for the problems to show up, there’s finally a way to prevent them! No more vet bills, pain or down time. COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER goes under boots, wraps, girths and saddle pads to prevent chafing and rubs. You can use it on your horse’s pasterns to prevent scratches and mud fever.

Simply sprinkle it on, rub it in and you’re done! The powder can also be used as a dry shampoo when it’s too cold or water is not available, it helps dry sweat quickly in the cold and dissipates odor on contact.

Jim McDonough tells us how he uses COAT DEFENSE® as a dry shampoo to keep his horse clean and shiny, and how it has prevented funk under the wraps for the first time ever…

Laynee Ashker tells us just how she uses COAT DEFENSE® under tack to keep her horse’s skin healthy, protected and smelling fresh…

And you can prevent boots rubs!

We’re proud to be healing and protecting the equine community without any harsh chemicals to interfere with your horse’s natural healing abilities. So remember… Paste on, Powder Up!

Emily Schwartz
Emily Schwartz

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