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Coat Defense Is Magical!

January 20, 2023 2 min read

How On Earth Does Coat Defense Work So Well?

(hint: The Earth is what to thank!)

We get asked all the time! How on earth does Coat Defense work so well healing rain rot, sweet itch, fungus, yeast and other skin problems without including chemicals, medications, toxins or other unnatural ingredients? IS IT MAGIC?

Our response? YES, it IS magic!

Coat Defense products are magic because the ingredients that we are given by Mother Nature and use to create our products are truly magical. The right natural ingredients, combined in the right way, are often all the skin needs to heal and thrive.

For an animal suffering from allergies, infections, injuries and other problems, the relief can be so immediate that it really does feel like magic to them.

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Sold out

Creating a healthy environment for healing

A big part of why Coat Defense products are effective for itch, odor, and yeast is because they alter the terrain on the skin.

Moisture is the root cause of many skin ailments and slow healing problems because it provides a warm, humid environment where pathogenic microbes quickly multipy and thrive.

Coat Defense products create a dry, safe environment that is uninhabitable for problematic organisms like bad bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, protozoa, yeast, fleas, mites, and others.

This is why animals find relief so quickly with our products, and why daily use prevents issues from coming back. If the microbes can't live on your animal in the first place, they won't be a problem!

Preserving and protecting critical microbiomes

Toxins in medications and topical products (even many that are labeled “natural” or “organic”) can strip natural oils and kill the synergistic colonies of microbes, which are critical for health and healing. Certain mediactions might kill the "bad bacteria" yeast or fungus, but they also kill the good bacteria too - leading to more problems down the road.

Many anti-itch, anti-microbial, skin stripping chemicals used in shampoos, topicals, ointments and other common products are known skin allergens, which could be doubling your animal's trouble!

Coat Defense products protect the skin by preserving microbiomes by not stripping them away by removing oils, or killing them directly with medication. In other words, our products are supporting your animal's skin's own innate ability to protect and heal itself!

Supporting and promoting a strong immune system

Simply giving your animal's immune system a chance to heal and find balance can deliver astonishing results. Coat Defense products are un-medicated and don’t interfere with your horse's or dog's natural healing ability. Our formulas are so gentle you can find the ingredients in most kitchens!

All of this added up delivers a Magical, Sparkly Shine!

When you don't strip away natural oils and microbiomes, your animal has healthier skin. And on top of that - an added bonus: a shiny, lustrous coat!

Rachel Dory
Rachel Dory

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