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How to Treat Hair Loss in Horses

June 12, 2018 3 min read

What Causes Hair Loss in Horses?

The truth is, hair loss in horses is pretty common. It isn’t to go without concern, but most of the time it’s simply the horse rubbing an itchy area. Or having a fungal or bacterial skin issue. And occasionally they may have something internal going on.

External tends to be easy to see. It usually shows up with dry, flaky skin and turns the bald spot on your horse. Sometimes you see them scratching that area. Other times, they can be caused by a bug bite. Without any of these signs, it’s recommended to talk to your vet. Because you need to consider the possibility of diet, cushings, allergies, pineal gland issues, hormonal imbalances or other possible culprits.

How do you treat hair loss in Horses?

If you have narrowed down the cause of your horse losing hair to be an external issue, you’re probably wondering how the heck to regrow a horse’s hair. A quick search on “how to treat bald spots on horses” will reveal anything from using coconut oil to calling your vet right away. What’s a horse owner to do for their equine friend?

It's called COAT DEFENSE®.

Like Missy the Mini, if your horse has bald spots, relief is available! And it's not just Missy who has found the treatment for bald spots on horses. Check out the video below to see how Susie Q grew back all of her coat with help from COAT DEFENSE®…


COAT DEFENSE® is an all natural product line that only uses readable, recognizable ingredients, that when combined, become a powerful agent against equine skin issues… Handmade in the USA, it’s a simple, safe solution to equine skin problems. 

How does COAT DEFENSE® treat bald spots?

The ingredients in COAT DEFENSE®products stop itching and rubs with three knockout punches.
1. It dries out the moisture bacteria and fungus feed on, starving them off and allowing a horse’s skin to repair itself
2. And it stops chafing, helps dry sweat, keeping horses free from sheet/blanket/tack induced rubs
3. Because the peppermint oil cools and calms on contact, it stops any itch. And brings an immediate “Ahhhh” when applied!

Is COAT DEFENSE® for bald spots and hair loss in horses ONLY?

Not at all. And that’s why my barn is always fully stocked with this stuff. Here are some of the benefits of COAT DEFENSE®...

  • COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER speeds up the treatment of multiple fungal or bacterial issues tremendously 
  • COAT DEFENSE® products contain NO harsh chemicals or painful antiseptics, just all natural ingredients you can actually read, that when combined, become a powerful agent against bacteria and fungus
  • Rather than killing the bacteria or fungus with harsh chemicals, COAT DEFENSE® products dry up the food source they thrive on, allowing them to die off without harming your horse
  • By creating a “scab” over skin abrasions, COAT DEFENSE® TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE protects the area from external agents or bugs, all while drawing out toxins and soothing pain, allowing skin cells to repair themselves faster and without interference
  • COAT DEFENSE® daily PREVENTATIVE POWDER can be used just as it states, daily, to create a barrier against bacteria and fungus, providing a healthy environment that still allows skin to breathe and create natural oils

If you're ready to help your horse grow hair back, grab our Heal & Prevent Package includes a 24oz TROUBLE SPOT DRYING PASTE and 8oz DAILY PREVENTATIVE POWDER for $54.Help alleviate hair loss and bald spots in horses! The bonus? FREE SHIPPING!

Emily Schwartz
Emily Schwartz

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