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Muddy, Stinky Dog? Here's Your Quick Fix!

October 21, 2021 2 min read

Here's How to Clean Your Muddy, Stinky Dog - Fast!

1. Sprinkle Coat Defense powder

Sprinkle the powder over the wet, muddy areas of your dog. They learn very quickly to love this routine! Not only do they get belly rubs from you, they get relief from skin irritation because Coat Defense powder relieves itchiness on contact.

2. Brush powder into any wet, muddy hair

Once you've sprinkled the powder onto his coat, brush it through so it can attach itself to the moisture and all the dirt and mud particles.

3. Give it a minute or so to dry and take hold

Give the powder a little time to absorb all the water and finish adhering to the mud. This is a great time to reward your pup with a little treat!

4. Use an absorbent towel to wipe down the hair

Take a towel and wipe down all the areas you just treated. The Coat Defense will come off onto the towel, bringing moisture and mud along with it!

5. Enjoy your clean, lovely smelling pup!

There you have it - a clean, mud-free pup, with no wet bath necessary! Not only is your pup clean and dry, you and your dog get other benefits as well:

  • Dry & Clean

  • Smells great - No wet dog odor!

  • Relieves & protects itchy skin

  • Supports your dog's immune system

Coat Defense Daily Preventative Powder supports your dog's skin's immune system and natural ability to heal. How? By forming a barrier against irritants without stripping or harming the skin's natural protective oils and micro-biomes. Your furniture will thank you for a clean, odor-free dog, and your dog will thank you for his healthy, itch-free skin!

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Rachel Dory
Rachel Dory

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