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Horses Before and After COAT DEFENSE®!

October 25, 2019 1 min read

"We LOVE it!! It cleared up Gidget’s rain rot super fast! We've been using the powder as a preventative on Gidget’s back after rides and it has really kept the rain rot at bay. So it’s worth the purchase!" - LeeAnn Stone Johnson, Facebook Review

“I’m so impressed with how quickly the hair grew back, it stopped her itching and healed her rubbed, raw spots so fast!” - Kathy Schwartz, OH

"COAT DEFENSE® was the biggest help to get us in the healing direction…" - Carla Lee Samson, MA
“I can not thank COAT DEFENSE® enough for their immediate response to my desperate seek for help! COAT DEFENSE® rescued my horse! - Shanan Majors, CA
Ben Evans
Ben Evans

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