COAT DEFENSE® canine for stinky dogs and much more!

January 10, 2020 2 min read

Does your dog smell? Do they have skin/coat issues?
COAT DEFENSE® Canine can help!

"My senior shepherd tends to get smelly and dandruffy, especially in the winter when giving him a bath isn’t an option. But thanks to COAT DEFENSE® canine, my stinky shepherd is a thing of the past! I brush in the daily Preventative Powder as a dry shampoo to keep his coat less oily and flakey, he smells so good! Thank you!!!"


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1 Daily Powder, 1 Healing Paste & 1 Shampoo

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2 Daily Powders & 1 Shampoo

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We love our dogs, but we don't always love how they smell...

Dogs are our best friends, but unlike our human friends, they don't get a bath everyday. This usually isn't a big deal. However, in some cases these odors can also be caused by skin problems like seborrheic dermatitis or a canine yeast infection. COAT DEFENSE®canine is here to help! Not only can it dissipate odor on contact, leaving your dog smelling fresh and clean, but it can help dogs suffering from these skin conditions!

“I LOVE Coat Defense. I recommend it to all of my friends and family, I recommend it to random strangers! I use it for everything… my dogs, my horses…. me! It’s been a miracle for my itchy German Shepherd… I apply the powder every time a dog is brushed, every time a horse is brushed… I sprinkle it on dog beds, in my car… the list goes on! I use the paste for bug bites (on me and the animals) and scrapes. I will never been without these products!”


Which product do you need?

Use the Daily Powder to control itch and eliminate yeast!

Use the Trouble Spot Paste for wound care and hot spots!

Use the Shampoo for intermittent baths without harsh chemicals!

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2 Daily Powders & 1 Healing Paste

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3 Daily Powders

FREE Shipping at $48 & All Bundles!

Stinky, Smelly Dogs and Skin Problems

In addition to working as a dry shampoo for stinky dogs, COAT DEFENSE® canine can TREAT and PREVENT canine skin problems. And there is no having to worry about harsh chemicals with our natural, readable ingredients. To see the full list of skin problems in dogs that COAT DEFENSE® canine can work on, check out our Canine page!

Ready for happy, healthy, great smelling dog?

Then grab your COAT DEFENSE®canine today!

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Emily Schwartz
Emily Schwartz

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